Transformative Testimonies: Brothers Share Power of Faith with Juvenile Detainees


By Brother Byron Muhammad

New Orleans, LA – Several years ago, Student Minister Troy Muhammad of Mosque No. 1 in
Detroit, MI, began selecting various cities across the Nation to travel to with brothers who were
formerly incarcerated. Since then, he and the brothers have traveled to several cities, forging a
tighter bond, increasing their commitment to the mission they have accepted, and sharing their
testimonies about the transformative powers of the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad on their lives.

“I invite my brothers to travel with me city to city for numerous reasons.  I want us to see that our Nation of Islam goes beyond Detroit. I also want them to see and understand the conditions
of our people across the country. We’ve visited specific places that are relevant to the sojourn of our people here in this country. The feeling is special because it’s like we pick up the energy of
what Nat Turner did, of Emmett Tills spirit, Medgar Evers spirit….To touch the tombstone of Malcolm, Booker T. Washington….even to stand where Biggie was killed, Tupac was killed,
Nipsey was killed, young Adolph killed…a spirit is extracted from that…..At the same time it’s about building and expanding The Brotherhood,” stated Brother Troy Muhammad, Student Minister of Mosque No. 1

The most recent destination was to New Orleans, LA, also known as the “Crescent City.” While
there, the brothers were able to share their testimonies with a group of youth housed at a local
juvenile detention center.


“When it was confirmed that Brother Troy was coming to the city, I reached out to an FOI in our
mosque, Brother Calvin X, to help set up the visit at the detention center. What I witnessed while listening to the brothers sharing their stories and offering guidance was heartwarming. As I
listened I thought about how much of a smile this gathering would put on the face of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan if he were here to personally witness. There were twenty
youth present, two staff members, and every other male in that room (18) were men who were given spiritual life by Allah’s Servant in our midst today, the Honorable Minister Louis
Farrakhan. The later statesman Frederick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong children than
fix broken men.” The statement kind of writes off men and kind of infers that they can’t be fixed.
Today, was even more evidence that broken men can indeed be fixed, and these broken men can,
in turn, be used to build strong children. All praises are due to Allah,” stated Brother Willie
Muhammad, Student Minister of Muhammad Mosque No. 46

“I thought that it would be helpful for the youth to hear the Teachings of The Most Honorable
Elijah Muhammad as taught  through The Honorable Min. Louis Farrakhan from other brothers
that were impacted doing, before and after prison. To give a glimpse of hope as they  matriculate
through their process. Most of the young brothers are being tried as adults for violent offenses
waiting to be transferred to adult jail. I have shared my personal testimony of the impact of being
a Muslim, specifically in The Nation of Islam and how the Teachings reshaped my mindset and continue to be the blueprint as I navigate through life.

The gathering lasted for two hours, and not one youth appeared to be disinterested. Each paid great attention to every word spoken by the brothers,” stated Brother Calvin X. Each of the presenters were profoundly impacted by the experience as well.
“The visit was a wonderful experience in that seeing the hearts (minds) of each young man in
attendance open right in the moment of hearing truth and began the process of transformation. It
was simply beautiful,” stated Brother Karl 3X. “The young brothers were very responsive. Because of what the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan taught me about the self-accusing spirit, I was able to share with them.

“What I know I am obligated to share with our youth,” stated Brother Deombr’e X. “There were many thoughts I had about the visit to the youth facility, but here are a few. A byproduct of trauma, a room of untapped human potential; actual facts of youth in peril. True
juvenile justice is found in the words of Jesus, “Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.” They may be guilty but they are not responsible. Their mindset are ones imposed by this
wicked world and not one given by God,” stated Brother Demarco Muhammad “These young brothers were very engaged. I am thankful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to share and help inspire them to grow into the mind of God,” stated Brother Terrance 4X

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