Squash the Beef, Before the Grief: Flint’s Peacekeepers Launch Summer Violence


Reduction Initiative
By Brother Byron Muhammad

Flint, MI – The effort to make our communities safer places to live, as instructed by the
Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, is still underway in a variety of forms by those who took
his words to heart. One of these efforts took an additional step in the city of Flint at the
beginning of June.
Captain Emeritus, Brother Dennis Muhammad, and Brother Jalil X launched a violence
reduction initiative that is included as part of the city of Flint’s summer crime and violence
reduction strategy. “The unveiling of this billboard means following instructions of the Minister,
where he asked us to sit young people down at the table for conflict resolution and that’s what
squash the beef before the grief means. Sitting our young people at the table, we as mediators
work to resolve their differences. We thank Student Minister Willie who came in and trained
over 40 mediators. So as soon as they call the number on the billboard, we have the right people
to sit them down and mediate. Not all conflicts can be resolved, but we are very pleased to know
that all conflicts can be brought to the table and that’s what we represent. Bringing them to the
table to resolve their differences. We thank the Minister for 10/10/15 and all we did here is make
his word bond. We want to thank our local Peacekeepers leadership, Brother Jalil, Peacekeeper
Director and Sister Linda Muhammad. The great support we got at the press conference from all
of the Flint officials is a clear sign of Allah’s Promise of friendship in all walks of life,” stated
Brother Captain Dennis Muhammad. Brother Jalil had similar feelings as well, “I witnessed the
fulfillment of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s words “to make our communities a safe
and decent place to live” when I was taking part of the Conflict Mediation Training June 1st by
Brother Willie Muhammad. The Peacekeepers Flint Chapter has been able to gain collaboration
and partnerships for our Safe Summer Initiative with likes of the Genesee County Prosecutor’s
Office, Genesee County Sheriff’s Department, Chief of Police for Flint Police Department, local
Community Violence Intervention organizations, and community neighborhood organizations.  I
would like to thank the founder Dennis Muhammad for continuing to help the Honorable
Minister Louis Farrakhan in doing the work that was instructed for us to do and I would like to
thank Student Minister Willie Muhammad for an awesome training, and I would like to thank
Sister Linda Muhammad for her tireless efforts to help improve the quality of life in our
communities. May Allah continue to grant us all success!”

The launch began with a community press conference that included various community
stakeholders as well as city officials ranging from the city council president to the police chief
and members of the criminal court system. The press conference was held in conjunction with a
public display of a conflict resolution billboard promoting the “Squash the Beef, Before the
Grief” hotline being offered by the Flint Peacekeepers chapter. The hotline is manned by
certified trained conflict mediators who are on standby to begin the process between two
conflicting people/parties who desire to have an issue resolved. The hotline is manned 24 hours a

Brother Dennis and Brother Jalil brought in Brother Willie Muhammad, the Peacekeepers
National Conflict Mediation Trainer. The training was held the following day at Higher Quality
of Life Ministries under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Ronnie Wiggins. “Training was
awesome. The people need that information. It brought some light to me. I’m looking forward to
expanding my skills and being more hands on with conflict mediation. Thanks to the National
Trainer Willie Muhammad and The Director of The Peacekeepers Flint Chapter Jalil X. and The
founder Dennis Muhammad,” stated Pastor Wiggins For Brother Willie Muhammad, this has
been the thirty-third training he has conducted. “This training was different from any of the
others. This was the first city I have been invited to where I saw support for this Squash the Beef
initiative, not just from the community but from elected officials as well. I am looking forward to
hearing about successful mediations from Flint. I am so proud of Captain D! He has not stopped
in his efforts to take what he has been taught and his years of experience outside of the four walls
and into the community training others. Flint is yet another example.” stated Brother Willie
“The seminar was a phenomenal and a unbiased environment where every and anyone was
welcome to come. The trainer Willie Muhammad was phenomenal throughout the entire seminar.
No dull or blank moments at all and was very adamant about everything he taught in the seminar.
It was very educational and motivational for people looking to really make a change and impact
in the community for the greater good of our community. And being from where I’m from that
meant a lot to receive that information to boost myself and others around me mentally to be
better versions of ourselves,” stated Ma’leek Joy one of the training participants.
Cynthia Haynes a Prison Reform Activist stated, “I’m so honored and proud that the key
accomplishments, skills, and qualifications of this outstanding motivating class will certainly
assist me with my community residents, youths and leaders to continue to provide
encouragement, guidance engagement, positive impact and a peaceful presence throughout my
future endeavors!”
If you would like to know more about how you can bring this initiative to your city you can call

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